Dear Fellow Criminologists

Named after Tony Blair's infamous 1997 war cry "Tough on Crime," this blog is going to be a place to put down thoughts from my ongoing criminology degree. I've been needing somewhere to blurt my not-yet-fully-formed ideas, and typing them into the void seems like the best way forward.

If you're studying criminology, law, sociology, or even maths but you just find this interesting - then get in touch!

These Covid-19 shenanigans have made talking about these things (and indeed any things) hard enough, so if you're struggling with your crime degree, or have any cutting insights on Bentham or Foucault, send me an email.

This is mainly going to be a place where I stream-of-conscious style blab the things that cross my mind while I'm in lectures (or while reading the tomes that make up our reading list).

The modules I'm going to be going over/complaining about this term are Victimology, Introduction to the Criminal Justice System, and Preventing and Punishing. If any of that tickles your fancy, give some of this a read and tell me your thoughts. 

More than anything, I would love for this to be a way to network with other criminologists/sociologists/anthropologists and share ideas.