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Extra Lil' Bits

These are just some really key, small pieces of information (like facts or short timelines) that I've just come across and want to try remember. 

I think these little tidbits of information are going to come up a lot in the course of my degree, and will be useful to have on hand. So have a gander! Tell me what you think, or if there's other useful lil' bits you think I should have on here. 

The Lil' Bits

Some Great Videos

For when you can't be arsed to read one more page, try these instead. They put pretty tricky concepts into really easy to follow videos. I promise there won't be anything on here that goes over 15 minutes.

David Harvey: Crisis of Capitalism

Amazing animated video put to David Harvey's speech, The Crisis of Capitalism. Explained fantastically and really easy to follow. 

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