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Dissertation Ideas

So a lot of lecturers have been talking about how it's never too early to start thinking about dissertation topic ideas. So every time I come across a topic I'm interested in (or that there's an absence of research in) I’m gonna write it down here:

- Lack of scrutiny in police custody (very little oversight, no figures released except applying with Freedom of Information)

- White collar crime: How WC criminals are perceived differently from street criminals

- Human Rights: Why do the current government want to leave the Council of Europe - if all the Council of Europe do is Human Rights?

Erosion of human rights throughout last few decades?

- Why do female police officers blame rape victims more than male officers when there's low rape myths?

(See conclusions part)

- How fines and community order's disproportionately affect working class demographics.

- "University of Crime:" Why prison doesn't work

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